06 March 2011

Heard in my house

Noah loves singing. Today he was singing "Row Row Row Your Boat". His lyrics are pretty awesome. Enjoy:

"Row, row, row, your boat
Gently drown the steam.
Marry, marry marry, marry,
Life goes down the drain."

02 March 2011

The best day

Today started like any other day. It was really pretty ordinary. Little did I know that it would turn out to be extraordinary!

Noah woke up right around 7am, which is a little early for him, but not too bad. He then proceeded to eat 3 yogurts, a bowl of cereal, and some peanut butter toast.

We hung out, did a little bit of school work and watched some cartoons. Then at about 10am we had to run over to main base because Cody forgot his new insurance card. That would not be a good thing...to get pulled over on base and not have your insurance card! So, we took it to him just in case.

Then we decided to head to the zoo. It wasn't something we had planned or that I had really even thought about. He asked if we could go, and since we have passes, I said sure. After a quick stop at Sonic, we were on our way!

We got there and it was pretty packed. I didn't realize that today was field trip day, and that every 3rd grader within 100 miles would be there! But I figured what the heck.

We walked around, and looked at most of the animals, and spent a good bit of time in the tot-spot. We saw my favorite animal, the Okapi, and Noah's, the Elephant. We saw waaaay more of the male elephant than I really wanted to! lmao. We made our rounds through the tiger, lions, and bears (OH MY!). And after about 4 hours we left. We got on the train that runs around the zoo and the park and ate some popcorn, and then we left.

Noah crashed in the car after about 2 miles, cheeseburger in hand. :) Now we're home and he's playing with his trains.

Now, I know all of this seems pretty ordinary and you may be asking why I thought it was such a great day. Well, it just was. And I didn't even have my camera to show you why.

Noah listened pretty well (for a 3 year old). I didn't have to argue with him (too much). And we both had a blast just being with each other. I know we spend all day every day together, but this was different. And it wasn't even about getting out of the house. Those that know me know that Noah and I are rarely home all day. But for some reason, today just meant so much more.

We were both so happy. We had so much fun. I loved today. Now, who knows how the rest of the night will go, so I'm going to hold on to the joy he and I shared all afternoon. I really needed it!

So, thanks Noah! I had the best day with you today!