14 February 2012

Holding Out & Holding On

Is it May yet?

I'm ready for it to be. At least, I think I am.

May. The month when it all starts again. The month when I can call up my fertility doctor, and say, we're ready!

Are we really? Am I really? Am I ready to be poked and prodded? To inject myself with powerful drugs that make me, for lack of a better term, a psycho dragon lady? Am I ready to put my body through all of this again? I think so. I hope so. Because I know that I will.

I'm hopeful right now. I'm hopeful that it won't take that many rounds of treatments and procedures to get pregnant (Let's hope for 1!!). I'm hopeful that my body will be able to maintain a healthy pregnancy. I am hopeful for what the future may bring.

I am confident right now too. I am confident that my doctors will choose the right plan of action for me. I am confident that once I become pregnant, my doctors will do everything within their power to make sure I stay that way. But most of all, I am confident that God has a plan for my family. And I know that part of that plan is to see my family grow. I can feel it somehow.

Psalm 27:14 tells us:
Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart. And wait for the Lord.

That's just what I'll do. I'll wait for May, and I'll wait for the Lord. I'll continue to pray that the timing is right, and that I'll be shown a miracle.

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