15 December 2012

The D Word

The D word has been spoken in our house. It's a word I hate more than most. Around here the D word isn't "Damn" or "Divorce" it's something much scarier. For us, the D word is "Deployment".

Earlier this week Cody received a short notice tasking to deploy and our happy little world was rattled. He leaves in roughly three weeks to go to "far away work". We're all handling it as best as we can. This isn't our first go round. I worry about how Noah will do with it all now that he is older and understands more. I know he will miss his daddy so much. I worry about how I will do as a single parent. I hate this part. What I don't worry about as much is how Cody will do. Sure, he's going to miss us, but he's strong, stronger than me, and always seems to hold it all together so well.

While I know where he is going, for the sake of operational security, I won't say on here. Just know that it is a place that I am not so scared of. We expect to have him home with us by late summer.

This is all happening so fast and I wish time would just slow down. I'm so thankful that we'll have him home for Christmas. But I'm going to miss him so much. But, I guess that's what military life is all about. I know I can handle it. Just pray that he stays safe and returns to us quickly.

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