15 February 2010

My new blog

I decided to start over with my blog completely. I was frustrated with the old one, and I am sick of feeling frustrated about things.

So, in this blog I will (try to) keep everyone updated on not only me, but also Noah and Cody. Who knows, I may even post about our pets, lol

So, here it is: my first offical post.

I am doing really well after the surgery. As of today I have lost 36lbs total and 28lbs since the day of surgery. No, I will not tell you what my starting weight was, or what I weigh now. Even Mr. I doesn't know that!

Speaking of Cody, he is doing as well as can be expected for being deployed. I am able to talk to him every other day or so for now. But once he reaches his final destination, communication may change. We'll just have to wait and see. Please continue to pray for his safety and his swift return home to us.

Noah seems to be thriving at my moms house. Every time I talk to him he sounds super happy. He loves my mom, who he calls Abbey, his Poppy (My step-dad) and Dodo (my little sis...don't ask!) I plan on going up to get him around Easter time unless Dodo decides to come down here for spring break, then I guess he'll just come down with her. It would be nice to spend Easter in Colorado though. And if I do drive up there I plan on stopping at Cannon AFB in New Mexico to see Alicia, Eric, Justin, Renee, and Perry. And to give Renee's baby bump a rub. :)

Not only is our friend Renee pregnant, but our friends Kate and Adam welcomed their first little boy Jude David on the 5th of Feb. And my best friend Robyn and her husband Shaun welcomed Dean Kenneth on Jan 10th. They are both amazingly adorable. I could almost say I have baby fever again. It's a good thing Cody isn't here right now seeing as how we have to wait a good bit of time after surgery before even trying to get pregnant again, lol

Well, that is our life these days. We have a lot going on, but it seems pretty boring most of the time. I will do my best to keep this blog updated so that you all have some sort of idea of how things are going. For now, I'm going to go to bed and hope that Mr. I is able to call soon.

Love to you all,

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  1. Awe. We made your blog! Much love! We love you guys! And yes I know this is almost a year old but I just now went back and read all your old posts!