29 November 2010

Long time, no blog

Wow, I can't believe that it is almost December and I haven't blogged much this year. I swore I would be better about it. And I promise that I am going to try!

So much has happened this year, and it has all flown by in a blur. Mr. Incredible deployed, and came home, oh and got hurt while he was there...which equals surgery for him. Not sure when it will be, but soon. Meta will be 3 on Wednesday. It blows my mind. When did my baby turn into a big boy?

I have made some new friendship, let go of old ones, and strengthened existing ones. I have a super awesome BFF who I luff to pieces...she knows who she is. I would be lost without her and might now have made it through this last deployment in one piece. But that can be said about most of my wonderful friends.

Speaking of deployments, it looks as though we are staring down the barrel of yet another. We don't really know anything for sure right now, but if/when he does have to go, he will leave in June.

As for me, I am 10 months post-op and have lost all of my weight. I feel fantastic! I am down to roughly 125lbs, and a size 2. I am loving life. Some people tell me that I am too skinny now, but I am trying not to take it to heart. For one thing, they have only ever known fat KK, so seeing skinny KK is a bit of a shock. For another, I know that my body will regulate itself and that I will likely gain 5-10 lbs back, and I am ok with that.

We had some really great friends move away this year, as we do every year. That is one thing I hate about the military. But maybe we'll see them all again some day. We've also met some really great people. Our new neighbors are splendid, and they have a little guy who will be 2 months on Weds and I love him to pieces! I spoil him so much. He's my boyfriend, lol.

Speaking of babies...Mr. I and I have decided that it is time to add to our family! So, I am off of my birth control. We aren't "actively" trying right now, but we aren't preventing either. I really need to get the OK from my surgeon when I see him in a few weeks. But, he knows this is coming and he is happy with my weight loss, so I don't see it being a problem. We have a referral in to the fertility clinic, just in case. It take about 6 months to be seen there, as a returning patient. But we're hoping that sometime in the next 6 months we can get it done on our own and won't need the fertility docs this time. But if that's what it comes down to, we're ok with that too. Meta is going to be such a great big brother. He keeps asking for a baby sister for his birthday and he is so sweet with our neighbors baby. We both really want a girl, but we'll be happy either way.

Well, that's all I can think of right now, other than the housing issue, which I won't even get started on tonight because I'm still so upset about it. I'll save that for next weeks blog!

Until then,
Peace & blessings...Peace & blessings

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  1. I am really happy for you; not only for Cody finally being back but for the weight loss, the 'cleaning out' of friends and for the soon to be baby. I just know it will happen for you because you both are awesome parents to start with. I love you!!!!