02 January 2011

Not Me Monday

Today is the day that I blog about all the things that I "didn't" do in the past 7 days.

I did NOT totally forget to take something out for dinner tonight, and I most certainly did NOT decide to go the easy route and pick up pizza! Not me!

I did NOT make Noah sleep on the top bunk after peeing in the bottom bunk rather than putting new sheets on. (Don't worry I am washing the pee ones!)

I did NOT forget to wash the conditioner out of my hair a few days ago, therefor I did NOT look like I mopped up an oil spill!

I did NOT have a super good time at the mall today with Keylia, and I did NOT spend too much money getting my nails done, so I do NOT feel a little more girly tonight.

And finally, my heart does NOT ache every time I hold Geraint. And it certainly does NOT make me want another child.

What did you not do this week?

I most certainly did NOT post this a day early because I did NOT think today was Monday even though it is in fact Sunday.

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