12 December 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

Seeing as how I've been reasonably good the past 11.5 months, I feel like maybe you owe me some stuff. So, here's what I'd like: (in order of preference)

1. A deployment free 2011
2. Two pink lines on a little white stick
3. PCS orders to get the heck out of dodge
4. To see Bumblebee more
5. For Noah to be fully potty trained (if you could magically make this happen over night, that would be best)
6. For my husband to annoy me less
7. For all the troops to come home.
8. A little fairy who does all my cleaning, and knows how to put away laundry.
9. A year's supply of Coke (the pop-not the drug)
10. A Kindle...A Nook Color would also be acceptable.

Now see Santa, I really don't think I'm asking for too much here... considering what I've put up with this year. Can't you just help me out a little?


Oh, p.s.
If my name is on your naughty list....those damn elves lied!


  1. I would like the same things! Except swap out your husband and kid's name for mine lol.

  2. haha awesome list girl.. I love it and sounds oh so fair :)