27 December 2010

Not me! Monday

I did NOT let me child run around outside with no shoes wearing his Buzz lightyear pajamas that are too small, but that he loves so much! Not me!

I am NOT a little bit happy that Cody has to go back to work tomorrow for 3 days, because we are NOT starting to drive each other a little crazy. Not me!

I did NOT make my family eat a super early dinner at 4pm because I was NOT starving. Not me!

I did NOT sleep most of the day away only to grumble about housework that didn't get done by me. I would never do that! Not me!

I did NOT forget to call to reschedule my physical therapy appointment until it was too late to change. Not me!

I did NOT call my little sister while we were at B-Dubs just to rub it in because I know how much she loves it. Not me! That would just be rude.

I did NOT actually get along with my brother in law really well Christmas day. Not me.

And I most defiantly did NOT stay up until nearly 4 in the morning looking for a blog layout because I was bored with my old one. Nope, not me!!!

What did you NOT do this week?

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